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MCCO Engages in MCC Poetry Reading

обзор:136   дата: 2016-10-30

On the afternoon of October 30th,Poetry reading themed by "Let Youth Dream Fly, Construct a Wonderful MCC" is held in the conference room at B1 in MCC Buidling.

Led by Wang Ping, director of Party Committee Office, teamed by Zhang Shuo, Li Lu, Ge Dingbing, Liu Haitao and Zhang Chenghui, MCC OVERSEAS performance team recite a Poem named Love for Motherland, Dream of MCCO. The poem show displayed by the participating MCC Subsidiaries arouse warm atmosphere delivered as affectionateness, high spirit or endeavor, and successfully concludes in the cheering applause.

Zou Weimin, Chairman and Party Secretary, Xie Bingjun, Vice President and Secretary of the Committee for Discipline Inspection of MCC OVERSEAS watch the performance and grant the organizers and actors inspiration and encouragement before the group photo.

The activity creates a positive culture through motivating the staff enthusiasm for China and MCC and displaying MCC youth and spiritual outlook. The reading exhibited by MCC OVERSEAS team gains audience appreciation, and keeps up morale of all MCC "Reliables".