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Zou Weimin Leads KYAW LWIN to Tour around Honour Mansion Constructed by MCC

обзор:161   дата: 2016-06-08

On June 8th, Zou Weimin, Chairman of MCC OVERSEAS, meets with KYAW LWIN, the Union Minister of Ministry of Construction of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, in China World Hotel before showing around the Honour Mansion, a high-end residential project constructed by MCC.

Mr. Zou Weimin extends warm welcome to his Honorable KYAW LWIN, and elaborates the project and distinctive design philosophy, and developments and main businesses of MCC OVERSEAS, especially businesses in Southeast Asia. His honorable KYAW LWIN highly praises the project, and inquiries after the construction periods, structures, units etc. He is looking forward to cooperation with MCC OVERSEAS.

Maw Oo Hock and U Khin Maung Kyaw, two senor governor from the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Li Shichang, Gong Caijun, Assistants of General Manager, Chen Yafei from the Second Marketing Department, Li Tianying from General Manager Office participate in the event.