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Chairman Zou Weimin Meets with President Hu Qitai

обзор:131   дата: 2016-06-11

On the morning of 11th June, Zou Weimin, Chairman of MCC OVERSEAS, conducts talks on light rail project and other possible co-working projects in Thailand with Hu Qitai, President of Glorious Group and others in a cordial and friendly atmosphere.

Mr. Zou Weimin points out the tremendous potential and opportunities in Thailand and Thailand government attaching more and more attention to cooperation with China are attracted to MCC OVERSEAS greatly. Joining-hands for long-term and steady relationship with respective strengths will be quite beneficial for both sides in expanding Thailand Market.

Gao Huilin, Assistant of General Manager gives a brief idea of MCC, which offers main services on project contracting, infrastructure, real estate and equipment manufacturing. She introduces that MCC OVERSEAS, a wholly-owned company of MCC, is a window to the overseas project development and expansion for MCC with Thailand being a major object market.

Mr. Hu Qitai praises the strength of MCC, and he expects consociation upon some major projects between MCC OVERSEAS and Ch.Karnchang, a large-scale construction company from Thailand which he is on behalf of on this trip to Mainland China, and is looking forward to complete successes between the two sides with complementary advantages.

Follow-up negotiations and connection will be between Ms. Gao and Tian Xiuming.

Li Tianying from General Manager's office attend the meeting.